analysis and reporting on metalliferous ores, gold and PGM, industrial minerals, slags and contaminants.


analysis and reporting on rocks, aggregates, building stone, slate, concrete, render and mortar.

Mundic Property Search

Since 1991, Petrolab has completed thousands of concrete screening tests on properties throughout Cornwall. Search our database and and see if your property is one of those tested.

Sample Preparation

Preparation of petrographic thin sections from samples and specimens of rock, aggregate, concrete and other similar materials.

Why Petrolab?

Mineralogical analysis

  • Identification and quantification of valuable and gangue minerals in ores
  • Ore characterisation
  • Predicting the behaviour of minerals during ore processing
  • Mineralogical description and quantitative analysis of mill products

Petrographic analysis

  • Examination of concrete, mortar and render to identify degradation factors.
  • Examination of rock, aggregate, building stone and slate.
  • Mundic Screening Tests for building structures suspected of containing ‘mundic’ concrete.

Sample preparation

Petrolab offers a materials preparation service producing petrographic thin sections from samples and specimens of

  • rock
  • aggregate
  • fossil / coral
  • concrete and other similar materials

We operate the first Pelcon Automatic Thin Section Machine in the UK, which produces high quality thin sections.

Our Clients

Petrolab has provided a wide range of services to industry leading clients including:


Latest News

Automated Microscopy 2016 – Workshop

Automated Microscopy 2016 is run over two days consisting of a cross-disciplinary conference on the first day and a workshop on the second. This workshop will focus on operational mineralogy – looking at the integration of day-to-day mineralogical monitoring into the process plant for the continuous improvement of mineral processing performance. The capacity to integrate trend based mineralogical monitoring into the process plant is step change from assay monitoring and has been made possible by the development of ruggedized SEM equipment coupled with a model of expert remote support to on-site personnel.

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Automated Microscopy 2016 – Registration Open

Early Bird registration is now open for Automated Microscopy 2016, a cross disciplinary meeting suitable for all experience levels, looking at current developments and application of automated microscopy technology to research and industry. This conference is organised by the Royal Microscopy Society and James Strongman, director of Petrolab Ltd and iMin Solutions. It is sponsored by the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford and Minerals Engineering International.

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