Comminution 2018

Comminution 2018

Petrolab and iMin Solution Director James Strongman will be attending MEi Conferences Comminution 2018 at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town from April 15th to Aptil 19th. As part of this conference week, he will be presenting at Grinding Solutions pre-conference Seminar, talking about “Mineralogy, Metallurgy and the Mine Site” (see abstract below). Full details of this free seminar can be found on Grinding Solutions homepage ( With on-site automated mineralogy, increased computing speed and ruggedised sensors the dream of monitoring and controlling mineral processing plants using mineralogy rather than chemistry is fast becoming a reality. This free seminar aims to show the journey that Grinding SolutionsZeissiMin Solutions and believe is the future.


Mineralogy, Metallurgy and the Mine Site.

Strongman, J*.,

*iMin Solutions and Petrolab Ltd Limited Director
Corresponding Author:


In mineral processing, operations are increasingly seeing the benefits of moving into the digital age, with increased use of “big data” systems. The development of automated mineralogical techniques and specifically site-based capability gives the mineral processor a unique window into the process, allowing them to ground their understanding of metallurgical response through the underlying mineralogy. This not only allows for better assessment of performance but also assists in guiding and accelerating the ongoing program. With lower grade and more complex resources becoming the norm it is becoming even more important to utilise all the tools available to maximize productivity and ensure that avoidable metal losses aren’t occurring. This presentation will show how mineralogy fits into the modern mineral processing lab and how it is being implemented on to mine sites to support daily operational decision making.

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