Concrete testing to new Irish Standard I.S. 465:2018

Concrete testing to new Irish Standard I.S. 465:2018

Petrolab has completed its first tests carried out in accordance with this recently published Irish Standard.

I.S. 465:2018 is concerned with the assessment, testing and categorisation of damaged buildings made with concrete blocks containing certain deleterious materials (excessive quantities of free muscovite mica or pyrite) in Co. Donegal and Co. Mayo. The problem is similar in many respects to that of ‘mundic’ concrete degradation in the sout-west of England, and the petrographic examination requirements of the new I.S. draw upon those developed for the RICS Mundic Guidance by Petrolab and other petrographers.

Petrolab is pleased to be able to apply its considerable 25 years+ experience in examination of ‘mundic’ concrete to look at this new problem.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to make an enquiry regarding testing of concrete building blocks to IS 465: 2018.As well as stress tesing, do you perform analysis on levels of Mica/Pyrite (if present), and if so what would be the costing/procedure per test.

    Kind regards

    James Doherty


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