Job Opportunity – Software Engineer

Job Opportunity – Software Engineer

We currently have a temporary position available for an experienced Software Engineer.


The postholder will work to continue the development of version 2 of a reporting application for the Carl Zeiss Microscopy Mineralogic Mining system. This is a temporary post with an expected project duration of approximately 2 months (full-time), though possibly longer.


A WPF/ C#/ SQLite reporting application to be used to summarise, view and compare large mineralogical data sets produced by automated mineralogy using a scanning electron microscope and the Zeiss Mineralogic system. Data comes from analysis of a mineralogical sample (or samples) and consists of data on particles, made up of one or more grains. Each grain / particle has shape (morphometric) and composition (elemental) data. The overall goal of the reporting application is to streamline the workflow for calculating and producing summary project output (in the form of custom tables, charts and images) from Mineralogic output data in a reproducible and efficient manner.

For more information and to apply, please e-mail to request an application pack.

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