analysis and reporting on metalliferous ores, gold and PGM, industrial minerals, slags and contaminants.


analysis and reporting on rocks, aggregates, building stone, slate, concrete, render and mortar.

Mundic Property Search

Since 1991, Petrolab has completed thousands of concrete screening tests on properties throughout Cornwall. Search our database and and see if your property is one of those tested.

Sample Preparation

Preparation of petrographic thin sections from samples and specimens of rock, aggregate, concrete and other similar materials.

Automated Mineralogy

use of Zeiss Mineralogic software to conduct modal mineralogy and full particle liberation studies, reported as easy to use, interactive AMC spreadsheets.

Why Petrolab?

Mineralogical analysis

  • Identification and quantification of valuable and gangue minerals in ores
  • Automated Mineralogy (Bulk Modal Analysis, Deportment, Detailed Liberation, GSD, Associations, Theoretical Mineral Liberation, Particle Images)
  • Ore characterisation
  • Predicting the behaviour of minerals during ore processing
  • Mineralogical description and quantitative analysis of mill products
  • Quantification of coal, graphite and industrial fuel ash
  • The use of ancillary techniques including XRD to further mineralogical analysis
  • Ore characterisation including detailed optical microscopy for exploration, ore variability, and remediation.

Petrographic analysis

Sample preparation

Petrolab are experts in materials preparation producing petrographic thin sections from samples and specimens of

  • rock
  • aggregate
  • concrete and other similar materials

We operate the first Pelcon Automatic Thin Section Machine in the UK, which produces high quality thin sections.

Our research has allowed us to push the boundaries of sample preparation to implement new resin technologies and unique powder preparation techniques for polished blocks including:

  • representative sample selection
  • ability to prepare low sample masses
  • successful preparation of coal, graphite and fuel ash for automated mineralogy
  • de-agglomeration techniques
  • cutting edge impregnation to combat density settling

Our Clients


Petrolab has provided a wide range of services to industry leading clients including:

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