'Mundic' Block, Mining, Conferences and News Articles

'Mundic' Block

Publications related to the assessment of 'Mundic' Block

Bromley, A.V. (2002): A compendium of concrete aggregates used in Southwest England pdf |


Bromley, A.V. and Pettifer, K., (1997): Sulfide-related degradation of concrete in Southwest England. CRC Ltd., London, 200 pp.


Bromley, A.V. and Sibbick, R.G., (1999): The accelerated degradation of concrete in Southwest England. Proceedings of the 7th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, pp. 81-90.


Lane, S.J., Sibbick, R.G. and Bromley, A.V., (1999): The application of microscopy and moisture sensitivity testing to the expansive ‘mundic’ concrete block problem in Southwest England. Proceedings of the 7th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, pp. 557-566.


RICS Mundic Guidance (1994, 1997 & 2015). Petrolab played a significant role in developing the current guidance followed by Chartered Surveyors undertaking building surveys and valuations in Cornwall and parts of Devon. To this end Petrolab has provided input into the 1st (1994), 2nd (1997) and 3rd (2015) editions of the Mundic Guidance.


Publications related to mining, mineralogy and mine waste.

Brough, C.P., Strongman, J., Bowell, R., Warrender, R., Prestia, A., Barnes, A. & Fletcher, J. (2017): Automated enviromental mineralogy; the use of liberation analysis in humidity cell testwork. Minerals Engineering, 107, pp 112-122. | pdf |


Graham, S., Brough, C.P., & Cropp, A. (2015): An Introduction to Zeiss Mineralogic Mining and the correlation of light microscopy with automated mineralogy: a case study using BMS and PGM analysis of samples from a PGE-bearing chromitite prospect. Precious Metals Conference 06/2015. | pdf |


Brough, C., Warrender, R., Bowell, R.J., Barnes, A. & Parbhakar-Fox, A. (2013): The Process Mineralogy of Mine Wastes. Minerals Engineering, 52, pp 125-135. | pdf |


Brough, C., Bradshaw, D.J. & Becker, M. (2010): A comparison of the flotation behaviour and the effect of copper activation on three reef types from the Merensky reef at Northam. Minerals Engineering, 23 (11-13), pp 846-854.


Recent conferences where Petrolab specialists have presented papers.

Process Mineralogy, Cape Town, South Africa, 20th – 22nd March, 2017. Optimising Automated Mineralogy for Operational Mine Site Applications. James Strongman (Petrolab Ltd), Christopher Brough (Petrolab Ltd), John Fletcher (Petrolab Ltd), Rachel Garside (Petrolab Ltd), Andre Prinsloo (FQML Kansanshi Mining Plc, Ben Tordoff (Zeiss) | link |


Process Mineralogy, Cape Town, South Africa, 20th – 22nd March, 2017. 2D-3D liberation comparisons in HCT testwork for the Hannukainen IOCG deposit, Finland. Christopher Brough (Petrolab Ltd), Shaun Graham (Zeiss), Matthew Andrew (Zeiss), Rob Bowell (SRK Consulting), Ruth Warrender (SRK Consulting), Lucy Ward (University of Leicester), James Strongman (Petrolab Ltd), John Fletcher (Petrolab Ltd). | link |


Sustainable Minerals, Falmouth, UK, 23rd – 24th Dec, 2016. Automated environmental mineralogy; the use of liberation analysis in humidity cell testwork. Christopher Brough (Petrolab Ltd), James Strongman (Petrolab Ltd), Rob Bowell (SRK Consulting), Ruth Warrender (SRK Consulting), Amy Prestia (SRK Consulting), Andrew Barnes (Geochemic Ltd), John Fletcher (Petrolab Ltd). | pdf |


Minerals and Metals Production From Mines to Market, Cambridge, UK, 15th – 16th Dec, 2015. A method for profiling magnetic and gravity response of metalliferous ore using data from Mineralogic Mining. James Strongman (Petrolab Ltd), Jake Harrison (Petrolab Ltd.), Benjamin Tordoff (Carl Zeiss). | pdf |


Process Mineralogy, Cape Town, South Africa, 16th – 20th Nov, 2014. REE speciation  and elemental deportment of a flotation concentrate from a deposit in the Fen Carbonatites, Norway using INCAMineral and X-Max large area silicon drift detectors. James Strongman (Petrolab Ltd), C.Lang (Oxford Instruments) & A.Djikistra (University of Plymouth).

White Papers

Petrolab Timeline (2016). Petrolab was founded in 1991 and is now 25 years old. This is an infographic of the development of the company in that time | pdf |


Petrolab Services Brochure (2016). Brochure detailing Petrolab’s current staff and services offered at the company including i) Automated Mineralogy, ii) “Mundic” Testing, iii) Optical Microscopy, iv) Sample Preparation, v) Aggregates, Stone & Slate, & vi) Concrete, Render & Mortar. | pdf |


Simons, B. & Graham, S (March, 2016): Zeiss Mineralogic Mining: Iron Oxide Analysis by Automated Mineralogy | pdf | link |


Brough, C., Becker., M, Reid, D., & Bradshaw, D. (January, 2016): From Paragenesis to Processing: How Geological Reconstructions Can Carry Implications For Mineral Processing | pdf | link (Petrolab) | link (Minassist) |

News / Articles

Petrolab in the news

World Mining Frontiers, June, 2018. Mineralogy made easy | link |


Microscopy and Analysis, June, 2016. An eye to the future | link |


Western Morning News, October, 2015. Cornish geological consultancy firm to attract global business with unique service. | link |


MEI blog, September 2015. Zeiss Mineralogic Mining comes to Cornwall. | link |


Materials World, September 2015. Q&A with Benjamin Tordoff of Carl Zeiss on the Drakelands Project, UK. Petrolab will provide automated mineralogy data interpretation services to optimse the mine’s operation. | pdf |