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Petrographic examination

Examination of rock, aggregates, building stone and slate can be necessary for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Examination of reservoir rocks to evaluate porosity and texture.
  • Evaluation of quarried rocks as potential for aggregate.
  • Testing of aggregate stockpiles to identify lithologies.
  • Checking for lamination and degradation of slate roofing tiles.
  • Examination of potential repair material to match existing building stones.

Petrolab uses macroscopic and microscopic analysis techniques, including visual examination, transmitted and reflected light thin section observations and, where required, methods such as chemical testing and scanning electron microscopy, to produce comprehensive reports.


Testing Methods

Testing is carried out in line with relevant industry standards. These include:

  • BS EN 1997-2:2007 Eurocode 7, Part 2 / BS 5930:1999+A2:2010 Code of Practice for Site Investigation – Description and classification of rock.
  • BS EN 12407:2007 Natural stone test methods – Petrographic examination.
  • BS EN 12620:2002 Aggregates for concrete.
  • ASTM C295 Standard guide for petrographic examination of aggregates for concrete.
  • BS EN 932-3 Tests for general properties of aggregates. Part 3. Procedure & terminology for simplified petrographic description.
  • BS812-104 1994. Testing Aggregates. Part 104. Method for Qualitative and Quantitative Petrographic Examination of Aggregates.
  • BS EN 12326-2 Slate and stone products for discontinuous roofing and cladding – test methods.

Petrographic analysis

A petrographic examination of aggregates, building stone and slate is a routine requirement of several British and European Standards, with a common aim to assess the materials suitability for its intended use or for quality control. Petrolab can undertake these types of examinations in accordance with the relevant standard.

Multiple Aggregate

Photograph showing several washed aggregate samples from quarries across the UK and ROI.

Aggregate with report

Image showing examined aggregate sample with report attached.

Camborne moorland slate

Reflected light photomicrograph of Moorland Slate showing coarse pyrite crystals.


Photograph of dolerite core from a Welsh quarry.