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Since 1991, Petrolab has completed thousands of concrete screening tests on properties throughout Cornwall and parts of Devon and is highly experienced at undertaking all aspects of this important type of testing. Petrolab played a significant role in developing the current guidance followed by Chartered Surveyors undertaking building surveys and valuations in Cornwall and parts of Devon. For more detailed information on the “mundic problem” click here.

The following services can be undertaken:

  • Stage 1 Examination
  • Stage 2 Examination
  • Density Determination
  • Chemical Analysis for Sulphides
  • Stage 3 Moisture Sensitivity (Expansion) Test
  • Site Visit (to examine concrete in situ)

Need to arrange a Mundic Test?

Petrolab offers services to Chartered Surveyors in all aspects of mundic concrete screening tests to the current RICS guidelines†. The companies listed below will organise a complete mundic test (including petrographic report by Petrolab) under the supervision of a RICS Chartered Surveyor. Call or email for a quote or click on the company logo to visit their website for further details.

Cornwall Mining Consultants

t: 01209 313511


May Whetter & Grose

t: 01726 222963


Cockrams Surveying

t: 01872 277230


Woolway Lee & Partners

t: 01752 841441


Dowling Dodd Chartered Surveyors

t: 01872 260555


Bradleys Chartered Surveyors

t: 01209 712111


† The ‘Mundic’ Problem – A Guidance Note. Third Edition, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, London, 2015. Petrolab served on the RICS Mundic Group committee, which drafted the guidance.