Axio Imager – Deep Digital Cornwall

Axio Imager – Deep Digital Cornwall

Petrolab is excited to receive this Axio Imager as part of a research grant with Deep Digital Cornwall* ( This research grant will facilitate high quality analysis of thin sections in three correlatable light sources (PPL, XPL and Fluorescence). The AI quantification and measurements will be applicable to numerous petrographic applications from mineral exploration to concrete. The project will be an industry first for Cornwall and likely to increase productivity by ~50%, whilst improving the quality of the data and reports. Proof of concept may also allow for additional capacity to be utilised by other partners to digitise archival thin section collections.

A reservoir concrete section scanned three ways and ready for further analysis.

*Deep Digital Cornwall (DDC) is a £4.4 million project launched in early 2021, that gives SMEs based in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly access to research skills, knowledge, innovation expertise, new datasets and access to state-of-the-art immersive technology facilities for 3D and 4D data visualisation. The project team is led by the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines and the Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence) with delivery partners Cornish Lithium, Cornwall Resources and the South West Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications.

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